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Share your incident reports with other SIMSon users around the world

Essential for Simson is reporting of incidents and sharing them with contacts.

How to report incidents:

Click the blue Report Incident button, this will take you to the incident form.

In this form you can add all the details of the incident. The form consists of two parts: a basic and a full part.

    1. Basic, this part is shared with you basic contacts
    2. Full, the whole report is shared with you full contacts. 

The full part of the form is never shared with basic contacts.


Sharing incidents, finding contacts:

In Simson you can connect with other Simson users. These contacts can be colleagues, field offices, HQs and other persons you want to exchange information with.

You can find contacts when you click the Contacts tab just beneath the Simson logo.

  1. Click the Search Contacts tab to find other users.
  2. Click the Contact Suggestions tab for users that have the same country preferences as you have.

You can connect with a user by clicking the Add Contact button.

Difference between Basic and Full contacts:

  • Full contacts receive the complete incidents reports including all the details.
  • Basic contacts never receive the full part of the form, they only receive this information:
    • Incident Number
    • Category
    • Basic Description
    • Time/Date
    • Location
    • Effects: (fatilities, wounded, kidnapped and damage)
    • Who was affected
    • Quick Analysis